Airsoft CO2 Cartridges, 5 pcs

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High quality CO2 cartridges for airsoft guns, 5 pieces. A discount is automatically applied when buying more.
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Metal Airsoft Submachine Gun MP40

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Metal airsoft submachine gun MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40), also known as Schmeisser. An accurate replica of one of the most famous weapons. Semi and full auto, metal body.
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FN FNX™-45 Civilian GBB Airsoft Pistol

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The FN FNX™-45 is the evolution of the FNP, a range of modern semi-automatic guns designed by FN Herstal America starting in 2006 and available in 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .357 SIG calibers. At that time, USSOCOM had just brought together two military programs, the US Army's Future Handgun System (FHS) and the Special Operations Forces Combat Pistol. The goal was to offer a handgun for the US Armed Forces replacing the aging M9A1s, after 20 years of loyal service, with a .45 ACP chambered weapon with Picatinny rail, night/day optics and silencer. The FNP-45, already offered in the right caliber and with a 15-shot magazine, was then proposed by FN America.

The weapon received some improvements, such as new fully ambidextrous controls and a slightly redesigned slide and frame. After two years of work, the FNXTM-45 was born, in two versions: Standard or Tactical with threaded barrel, raised sights for the use of a silencer and a compact red dot slot.

Although the JCP program did not succeed, the FNX™-45 was able to seduce video game designers, appearing among others in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Arma III, DayZ, and in movies in the hands of Sharon Carter "Agent 13" (played by Emily VanCamp) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Marvel studios.

Product overview

Like its big brother, Cybergun’s FN FNX™-45 is available in two versions, Civilian and Tactical. The Tactical version differs from the Civilian by the presence of an external barrel with a 16mm CW threaded tip, raised mechanical sights and adapted to the use of a silencer. It is also available in two colors, black or FDE, whereas the Civilian version is only available in black color. The replicas are all supplied with an additional alternative butt stock and a gas magazine with a capacity of 25 shots. The FNX™-45 are produced under FN Herstal license and have all the features of the weapon they are based on. These highly realistic replicas are prized by players for their exemplary finishes and excellent stock performances; a must-have for any GBB or FN Herstal enthusiast, but also for players who want a quality pistol replica.

Replica specifications

  • Replicas developed in partnership with the exclusive worldwide FN Herstal license
  • Just like the original weapon, this replica has a polymer frame and a metal slide. Its non-slip grip can be equipped with alternative butt stock for more ergonomics
  • The replica is powered by a very large capacity gas magazine offering a very good kick and an excellent autonomy
  • Underneath the replica is a picatinny rail for the addition of accessories such as a flashlight or a laser
  • The FNXTM-45 are equipped with an ambidextrous safety located on the back of the replica, which allows the trigger to be blocked to prevent a BB from being shot
  • The FNXTM-45 are also equipped with two metal sights with a white openwork dot, allowing you to maintain a line of sight as close as possible to the barrel and in the extension of your outstretched arms
  • You can also add a silencer on the Tactical versions by removing the protective ring, which reveals a 16 mm clockwise threading
  • The Tactical versions also have a removable plate on top of the slide, leaving a place to attach a micro red dot

Technical parameters

  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Muzzle velocity: 100 m/s
  • Power: 0,8 J
  • Magazine capacity: 25 BBs
  • Shot distance: 40 m
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FN FNX™-45 Civilian GBB Airsoft Pistol

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