If you have no experience with airsoft it can get very confusing - there's so many gun types, a vast range of prices and all these accessories!

We once were in your shoes, so here's a short guide.

Guns for playing airsoft

For airsoft battles you definitely need an airsoft automatic rifle. Buy one which is €150 or more in our website. We selected the ones which are perfect for beginners - powerful, reliable, easy to use and cheap. You also get all the accessories needed (like battery, charger, etc.) for a gun to use immediately. If an airsoft rifle is cheaper than €150 it will be fully plastic, very low power and not suitable for airsoft at all. We always try to maintain the best prices for our customers, so don't overpay elsewhere!

A good airsoft electric rifle and a glass protection is all you need to play airsoft! For a more advanced kit consider a secondary weapon - a gas pistol. Choose one which is around 1 J of power, as more expensive ones could be too powerful for the airsoft games for safety reasons.

Guns for target practice

There is no limits - you can use more powerful guns or cheaper ones, as there's no competition if you are just shooting for leisure. For a cheap safe choice try a spring pistol. They are the cheapest, have medium power, do not require gas or maintenance and works even in a cold weather! You can always use them as your secondary weapon in airsoft games, if you acquire a rifle later.