Airsoft gun replicas of World War II weapons are a great choice for history buffs, collectors, movie makers and party-goers. They are not considered to be weapons in most countries by law, so you can easily buy and use them.

Here are our TOP WWII replicas:

Airsoft Thompson M1A1 AEG - military style

Full metal, powerful and heavy submachine gun, licensed replica with original markings.

Airsoft Thompson M1928 AEG - gangster style with drum magazine

Another style of the Thompson with a big capacity drum magazine and front grip, also a licensed replica with original markings.

Schmeisser MP40 - original looking bakelite stock

Full metal MP40 airsoft gun, with bakelite imitation stock, has an original look, licensed replica with original markings.

Kar98 spring airsoft gun - real wood

This is the best airsoft replica of Kar98 rifle. It's heavy and looks super realistic. It has an internal mechanism of an airsoft sniper rifle, so it's accurate, powerful, reliable and upgradable. Works much better than other versions with ejecting shells. The wood has a very nice lacquer finish.