Airsoft CO2 Cartridges, 5 pcs

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High quality CO2 cartridges for airsoft guns, 5 pieces. A discount is automatically applied when buying more.
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Metal Airsoft Submachine Gun MP40

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Metal airsoft submachine gun MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40), also known as Schmeisser. An accurate replica of one of the most famous weapons. Semi and full auto, metal body.
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GLOCK 17 Gen5 official airsoft GBB replica


Model: Umarex 2.6457

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TheGlock 17 gen 5 6 mm BB is a green gas-powered asg replica with a powerful blow-back systemmetal lock and manual operation compatible with firearms.

Faithful reproduction of the Glock 17 gen 5

Like the combat version, the Glock 17 replica has a metal lock and polymer frame. The pistol's lock is made of heavy metal alloy, making the weight of the replica similar to the weapon.

The front of the skeleton features a short Picatinny mounting rail, allowing the use of additional shooting accessories such as a laser target pointer or flashlight.

Licensed Glock company markings, as well as the pistol's serial number, are applied to the lock and the frame. A simple, classic grip without finger molding provides better control of the weapon to any shooter regardless of hand size.

Themoving parts (magazine latch, breech drop lever on both sides, trigger with safety), manual operation and partial disassembly of the replica are identical to the real Glock 17.

Thedimensions of the replica are consistent with the original, so standard firearms holsters, i.e. Safariland or Blackhawk, can be used to carry the gun.

Powerful recoil

The Glock 17 gen 5 6mm BB replica is powered by a green gas mixture. The compressed propane throws 0.20g pellets at about 300 fps and is responsible for setting the metal breech in motion. The gas blow-back system realistically mimics the recoil of a firearm.

Shooting is accompanied by a solid "kick" adding realism and shooting fun to the game. After the last bullet is fired from the magazine, it remains in the rear position, identical to that of a firearm.

The high initial velocity also influences the longer shooting range, which is up to 20 m. The performance of green gas-powered replicas is significantly affected by the air temperature and the dynamics with which we shoot.

Adjustable hop-up system

The replica usesan adjustable hop-up system, responsible for accuracy and shooting range. The adjustment is located under the gun's breech, and can be accessed after partially disassembling the replica.

Trigger mechanism

TheGlock 17 gen 5 has a DAO trigger mechanism with a trigger fuse, which forces the correct finger placement on the trigger tongue in order to fire a shot.

This solution is implemented from the Safe Action mechanism used in the Glock series.

Metal magazine

The pistol is powered by a metal magazine with a capacity of 22 rounds. The grip outlet has been widened, which makes it easier and faster to change the magazine.

Targeting instruments

The pistol uses fixed sighting instruments, i.e. a musket with a white dot and a frame-mounted scimitar. Contrasting markings speed up the ripping of the instruments, and also allow shooting in low or residual light.


Fire mode
single fire
Initial speed [fps].
Kinetic energy of the cartridge [J].
Magazine capacity [pcs.]
Power supply type
green gas
Blow-Back Type
GBB (Gas Blow-Back).
is adjustable
Lock material
Magazine type
Recommended ball weight [g].
Structure/skeleton/body material
Barrel length [mm]
Overall length [mm].
Weight [g]
Kit components of this asg replica
low-cap magazine
Glock, Austria
Supplier symbol
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GLOCK 17 Gen5 official airsoft GBB replica

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